Best VPN Providers

Why VPN?

In the modern age of digitisation and online media, it is obvious to encounter copyright infringement issues. Many producers are unable to gain their fair share and are fighting for digital security rights with the help of NGO’s against the websites known to be the torrent hubs. Yes, copyright infringement is a seriously heinous crime and can have implications of millions of dollars and jail time. With many countries imposing strict internet laws, it becomes essential to shadow your IP address using a VPN while downloading a torrent file.

Best in the Market:

The best VPN for torrenting has shortlisted three of the most torrent friendly VPN providers who have been extensively reviewed and scrutinised for their features. Each of the provider in the list has zero log policy translating to evasion of legal issues.

  • Express VPN:
    • It is a British Virgin Island company and holds a great advantage as it is free from any US and EU jurisdiction low for data retention. This, allows the users to have access to the fastest speeds with an ultra-secure network in place and thus is the leading professional VPN service provider.
    • It is highly recommended for security oriented users who want sheer performance and speed. Also, your P2P traffic goes undetected.
    • Stealth servers from the company are useful to hid the VPN fully from the country where VPN change can be detected and be punishable if found guilty.
    • With more than 100+ servers in 78 countries across 4 continents, it offers splendid anonymous torrenting. It offers unlimited bandwidth with 2 logins and DNS protection. It is compatible with modern operating systems and the company offers 30 day return policy.
  • IPVanish:
    • It’s a US based company that is a pioneer in lending high delivery speed with secure connection and unlimited bandwidth to access geo-restricted content.
    • Additionally, it doesn’t require third party services for high speed servers for its zero log policy and offers exceptional speeds in countries safe for torrent.
    • With over 450 servers in 60 countries it is one of the best VPN for torrenting as it also offers over 40,000 IP addresses to the users and free NAT firewall.
    • With 7 day cash back guarantee, it is sure shot to go for but the only con being that it is regulated by the US laws.
  • PureVPN:
    • One of the most reliable VPN for anonymous torrenting, it is based in Hong Kong which as relatively simpler lenient internet laws.
    • With 500 servers located in more than 10 countries, it offer optimal service and P2P sharing. But, it does block torrent and file sharing traffic on its UK, US servers due to complaints from, DMCA.
    • It allows 5 simultaneous logins and smart DNS for streaming data and an uptime of 99.9% to have connection on the go.
    • Split tunnelling feature with internet kill switch are some of the features integrated in various operating platforms.
    • But one thing that holds back this site is its poor customer support and paid trials.


The best VPN for torrenting shall not be confused with the usual VPN providers, as these focus more on privacy and security of the users with high performance. Using BitTorrent to download content is an effective decentralised method but it does expose your IP address to your ISP or right holders. Hence, it is recommended to go for best VPN provider which is perfect for your needs.

  • Faster server connectivity: With the facility of the best torrenting VPN, you can reach any server worldwide within a matter of seconds and need not wait long enough for content uploading or downloading as it offers premium speeds.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: It prevents bandwidth throttling from ISP and provides enough bandwidth to ensure sublime connectivity.
  • Anonymous Identity: This is perhaps the best feature as it protects your privacy and removes all traces of your activity. It gives you option to download anonymously with a unique IP address.

With the ability to have your identity concealed, it correlates with anonymous torrenting which doesn’t let your ISP or the state to track down if you are exercising copyright content without consent. While the advocates of production house have always maintained the stance to dismantle torrent, it is actually a legit software unless you violate its use. Their point to protect their privacy and gain fair share is perfect but it shouldn’t be mistaken with the use of BitTorrent. In fact, using it for downloading normal is absolutely fine but its use for copyright infringement is a heinous crime. Some of the UK and US VPN providers keep log your data and are bound by the law to transfer your data to NSA and GCHQ. In fact, if you ever come across a VPN provider who keeps log of your activity, it is better to stay away as it can not only record your data but also transfer it illegally to third parties for surplus profits.

Best VPN for torrenting eliminates the concept of bandwidth throttle and allow users to access supreme bandwidth and speed connection for best experience and anonymous and torrenting. Some of the best VPN’s make up for throttling as ISP’s generally use it to keep their clients from crossing the usage of the limit.

Torrent Sites and VPN:

  • Kickass Torrent
  • Pirate Bay
  • Extra Torrent

Most of the popular torrent websites have been facing threats from producers and companies for copyright infringement and have been aggressively pushing the governments in countries to block the sites. These sites have been banned in few countries and thus it is advised to operate with the best torrenting VPN to bypass the channel of regulations. Therefore, if you are a torrent lover and love downloading copyrighted stuff, it’s high time to switch to the best VPN for torrenting to avoid being caught either by the ISP or by the government and end up paying hundreds of dollars. Hence, be safe and opt for only the best VPN providers in the market such as Express VPN.