Discovering the USA: 5 places you cannot miss

You know that since I was deported last year, it has been difficult for me to re-enter the United States. From now on, if I want to set foot on gringo lands again, I have to do a personal interview at the embassy, ​​pay $ 150 and, even so, as they told me in San Francisco, nobody assures me that they will let me in, because The last word always belongs to the officer who touches you that day, so it will depend on how lucky you are or how you feel.

And although the truth is that the United States has never particularly attracted my attention, it is a real chore. Not only because of all those destinations that I am not going to visit but also making a stopover in the United States many times makes flights and possible routes cheaper. And of course, nothing to travel America from end to end.

And I said, although I do not die of sadness thinking that I may never return to the USA, if there are some destinations that make me sad to know that I will not be able to visit, such as Los Angeles or New York, a city that I would love to step on at least once in life.

And is that the United States offers an innumerable list of places that, if you have the opportunity, you should not miss. So if you feel like it, what you have to do to travel to the USA is to check that your passport is in order and make the  ESTA application before buying the tickets. Next, you just have to start designing the route you want to take and launch yourself to discover the country.

5 places to visit in the United States

And since I can no longer visit it, I leave you with this sponsored article written by a collaborator where they recommend 3 places to visit in the United States plus another two that, for the face, I added at the end.

  1. New York:

Choosing just three places to visit in the US is not an easy task, but the magnificent New York City could not be left out of the selection. Those who visit it highlight its cultural variety, its unique atmosphere and its alternative character and, the truth is that, after visiting it, it has left me that same impression.

One of the places that I liked the most was  Central Park. It seems incredible that among all the bustle and asphalt such a great haven of tranquility can be found. Whether it is for a walk, to eat, or to feed one of the flocks of ducks that swim in its lake, the atmosphere of this place is very pleasant.

Another must-see is the  Statue of Liberty. In my case, I was lucky, since I could see it up close without paying a single euro! (No dollar!). For that, I recommend that you get on the Staten Island ferry, which is completely free. If you have time, the city has many incredible museums. I personally really liked the Guggenheim and the Morgan Library.

  1. Chicago:

The emblematic city where they exist. Its skyscrapers are as impressive as they appear in the photos. If you want to see them, you just have to walk through the center of the great city and look up at the clouds.

In this city, I could also discover the skeleton of the  Tyrannosaurus Rex, Little Italy, or feel suddenly in the center of Beijing if you go to Chinatown. These types of areas dedicated to Chinese products and stores are, in all the United States, really striking.

And if you still have time (and money) to shop, I recommend that you visit  Magnificents Mille where you will find some of the best boutiques and bars in the city.

  1. Miami:

Traveling to the south of the country is a great opportunity to visit Miami, where they mix with the Latin style has a special charm. One of the places that I liked the most in this city is the  Design District, a tiny neighborhood full of artistic spaces. In it, you can find all kinds of places, art galleries, design boutiques. Also, if you want to stay to eat, there you will find many very “chic” restaurants. This area will be a good opportunity to meet artists who have settled in the neighborhood.

Before you go, I recommend that you take at least a walk or a bath in one of its beaches, where the crystal clear water and the color of its area inspire one of the most idyllic landscapes.

  1. San Francisco:

And now yes, my recommendation (Andrea’s, the one who usually writes this blog). And I have already told you a lot about my trips to San Francisco on the blog. This alternative city where you can breathe a hipster and underground atmosphere in equal measure. Cradle of technology, full of slopes and parks, colorful shops where you can see all kinds of characters on the streets.

As I already told you in the article 15 things to see in San Francisco, one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city is the Mission District, that neighborhood with a Latin character full of murals and art in its streets that, if you go, you should not lose. And if what you want is an itinerary because you are on time, don’t miss this itinerary to visit San Francisco in 4 days.

  1. Los Angeles:

I do not know Los Angeles, but it is another of the cities that I would like. I had the idea of ​​visiting it on my last trip, going down from San Francisco to Los Angeles along the coast to enjoy its beaches and those that were the settings for the famous series “Baywatch”. But as you know, I was left with the desire.

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