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Before training what should we take into account? Before starting a training program it is necessary to have a sports medical examination consisting of: Complete analytics Cardiovascular and respiratory studies Stress test Cineanthropometric studies of general, postural and biomechanical flexibility. After this, although in the fourth point would be present, it is convenient to evaluate our joint mobility in order to know if we can do exercises like the full squat without risk of injury. A dysfunction in our mobility-stability will be reflected in a limited technique and as much as we are aware and know how to perform the proper technique of a certain exercise, anatomically it will be impossible. For all this before starting to add loads and work force is necessary to know our level of mobility and if it were necessary to work it! A real example of a training plan is learned from the fat decimator review.

  1. Know the long-term goals

Thinking about the future is essential to be active and, above all, committed. So if you want to lose certain kilos or tone the body in the next 12 months, a good way to do it is to put it on a piece of paper and place it in a visible place so it does not get forgotten. It is important to make the commitment with oneself to reach that goal. Have a look at the fat decimator review.

  1. Establish short-term objectives

It is necessary to detail the objectives to facilitate the way to reach each of them. The short-term goals will help reach the goal (lose weight, tone the body, meet that career, etc.). A good way is to create weekly and monthly calendars detailing everything that is going to be done! Always considering the possibilities, the time, the metabolism and the physical conditions that you have!

  1. Keep the goals

The best way to achieve the objectives is through measurable results. A simple way can be to carry the monthly weightings and the control of walks, etc. (depending on the activity) and, with it, have a record of everything. Somehow if something is not working as it should be can be implemented or make adjustments such as a diet or increase the exercises.

  1. Follow specific plans

An effective action plan is all that is needed to achieve the objectives. This includes planning a workout and good nutrition that helps keep the body functioning properly. For this it is essential to be specific and responsible when choosing the days and hours of training so that they are fully feasible and carried out as stipulated.

  1. Find motivation

While there are objectives that can be achieved easier than others, in the end the goal will be achieved. It is a matter of putting all the good attitude and self-interest in the struggle to achieve success, so that discouragement never decays and the desire always stay on top.

  1. Have fun

Keep in mind that those unpleasant activities cost more and have a look at the fat decimator review. So the best thing is to practice sports or the most attractive exercises to avoid them being a nuisance. Having fun and rewarding yourself for your effort is the key to avoiding failure.