Have fun on the street with one of these electric scooters

Like all technologies, transport has constantly evolved. First came the electric bicycle, then the electric car and now, after many fall and a large amount of money from sponsors, electric scooters arrive. And the benefits are huge. It will facilitate your arrival at work and your child will have a lot of fun. Inboard says that every detail of the M1 is based on the idea of ​​unimpeded flow. That is, the scooter is fluent and responsive to commands. It uses two engines on a rear wheels.

Therefore, you can use it without having to start the engine. Other features include the 14-inch battery system. The scooter weighs 14 pounds and a battery that can be replaced by a better one. It connects via Bluetooth has 10-mile brakes. It is a way to extend the life of the battery and justify the price. Read more here.

ZBOARD 2 BLUE ($ 1,300)

ZBoard is one of the companies that is not worried about the remote controls to control the device. The skateboard or the scooter Zvoard 2 Blue does not need it. It has spaces on the table in front and back, where the user leans to accelerate and decelerate. This system uses a 1,000W motor and can be used up to 16 miles with each load and reaches 20 miles per hour. It weighs 17 pounds, but comes with handles that make it easy to carry.

MARBEL 2.0 ($ 1,600)

Weighing only 10 pounds, the latest Marbel 2.0 model is one of the lightest electric scooters available, but it’s no small feat when it comes to speed. The slender table capitalizes on a carbon fiber construction and a dual drive system – the Marbel 2.0 model is also available with a single unit variant – along with a hand controller that allows you to accelerate or activate regenerative break when needed. This power and lightness translate in that you can climb slopes of up to 25% inclination, in addition to and quickly reach the maximum speed of 26 mph (or a little less), depending on how you configure it through the mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

This latest installment of Marbel comes with strips of LED lights on its front and back, giving you a little more safety and visibility during your night walks. Those who fear the instability that speed gives, may prefer other models on this list, but adrenaline junkies will no doubt want the Marbel 2.0.

ONEWHEEL + ($ 1,500)

We reviewed the original Onewheel scooter a few years ago, and recently had the opportunity to try the new improved version of PDX, and although it is not what is normally considered a “traditional scooter”, it is still one of our all-time favorites. In fact, this futuristic device works more like a snowboard or surfboard, than as a scooter itself. The 2 horsepower platform consists essentially of a split platform and a single and off-road wheel, each of which uses a large number of on-board movement sensors and dynamic stabilization to improve balance and control. Read more!

Simply by changing the weight arrangement you can move forward or backward, and thanks to the robustness of the central tire, you can move with the same ease through grassy hillsides that through the sidewalks of your city. The 7-mile range and its maximum speed of 15 mph are not definitive in the software, since the latter allows you to adjust the functions of the sensors, the gyroscopes and the engine. Do you want to go faster? There is also an app for that.

BLINK LITE ($ 300)

While frequent skaters may prefer to invest in a premium electric scooter , people who skate less often (or mainly on weekends) may want to start with a more affordable budget option. The Blink Lite is much less expensive than many of the other scooters on this list, and is perfect for someone looking for a more casual way to get around the city. With a weight of only 7.7 pounds, it is one of the lightest electric scooters you can find. Its maximum power output is a little more than half that of the normal Blink Board, although its range is 1.5 miles less, reaching the 5 miles.

One of the most interesting features is, in any case, outside the scooter: ACTON allows Blink Board users to connect to the ACTON application (available on both Apple and Google Play), to record the miles traveled, record your routes and document your adventures You can even participate in challenges against other skaters. Leafboard is also another quite worthy scooter, if what you are looking for is an economic and solid model.

BOOSTED 2 DUAL + ($ 1,500)

In addition to Boosted’s fantastic manual acceleration mechanism, the table’s engines are exquisitely tuned, so much so that we dare to say that they offer the smoothest acceleration and deceleration of any electric scooter we’ve tested. In most skates you will experience a jarring effect when stepping on the accelerator or brakes, no matter how hard or soft you try to accelerate or brake. This is especially noticeable when starting from a stop. In most cases, the average scooter accelerates too fast, which usually makes you unbalanced, but you will not experience that effect with the Boosted 2 Dual +.

Stopping gently does not require an ultra delicate touch on the brake. In fact, you can squeeze the brake with enough force, and thus, you will not be released from the skate, since the motors reduce their speed gradually. As an additional advantage, your software can be adjusted to suit different users. If you are a beginner, you can limit your scooter to a maximum speed of 11 mph, and make the acceleration / deceleration even more gradual than normal. Read more here.

If you want a little more speed, but do not want to consume the entire battery, simply place your skate in Eco mode. And if you are a true ripper, you can set your scooter in Pro or Expert modes, which will take you up to 20 miles hour, or even more. Switching between these modes is as easy as pressing a button on the controller.


Leafboard is not available but looks promising. After a successful start on Kickstarter, Leafboard is in pre-order. It weighs 9.7 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest options. It’s very fast: it reaches 19 miles per hour if you walk 11.5 miles. The speed and brake are controlled from a remote control, which provides three speeds. It loads quickly. In 70 minutes it is fully charged and you can also charge your cell phone. The iPhone 6 is fully charged, but reduces the range of the scooter by 1.25 miles. Read more here.