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 “The Campaign to Restore America’s Voice.”  

Public awareness campaign

The National Anthem Project was a public awareness campaign Started in 2005 as a Significant initiative of MENC.

The Lynnfield Middle School Pioneer Singers

The Star-Spangled Banner at US Capitol

National Anthem Project From Capitol Hill

The National Anthem

Welcome to The National Anthem Project, the effort for America singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” while spotlighting the important role that music education plays in giving Americans our patriotic voice.


Latest News

Toni Andrews

 Toni Andrews, is the person behind this creative initiative of bringing the voices of America together. She wanted to begin this campaign that would being all best voices of the United States together and rekindled the spirits of the citizens of America. Apart from the campaign she was also interested in helping people understand various facts both historical and contemporary. This is how the blog and the movement came into effect. If it was not for Toni, many such voices would have gone unnoticed.

Restoring America’s Voice … through Music Education!

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