Need to clean your Cricut mats: Definitive Guide

Those of you who have a Cricut machine, also have Cricut mats – Duh!

Cricut mats require somewhat sophisticated use; they usually last for approximately forty applications. But do you no, cleaning the correctly can extend their life even further?

Bet you did not know that!

There’s the deal. Properly cleaning you Cricut mats will extend its longevity. But the process of doing so is not traditional, to say the least. You would need to do a light cleaning at regular interval to rejuvenate the stickiness.

And you would need to clean the mat with a deep clean when it gets absolutely filthy.

Even if the mat has lost its stickiness after cleaning, do not worry. There are ways to make it sticky again.

My friend mike beebe is a professional scrapbook artist. he helped me to knowing about cricut mats cleaning.Without further ado, let us dive right in. Here is the method to clean your Cricut Mats and restoring its stickiness:

First, the Cleaning:

In this process, you would have to start right when your mat is losing some of its stickiness. You need to do a light cleaning at first. By cleaning it regularly, you can keep the mat sticky for a long time. Firstly, scrape it with virtually any scraper, then use an alcohol-free wipe to dry it. You can also use a ling roller. As it is sticker than the mat itself, any debris present on the surface will be easily removed.

Now, rub the surface using soap and water. You may also scrub the mat lightly by putting a small amount of dish soap-water on the surface. Remember to rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Finally, spray a degreaser on the surface of the mat. If it has lost all of its stickiness, then you may need to use a stronger cleaner. But beware, degreasers are known to leave residue on the surface. So, you should clean the mat with soap and water.

Finally, allow the mat to dry in air. You can put it on a drying rack. Remember, after cleaning the mat; you must let it dry completely before using it again. Never use a towel as it will only destroy the stickiness.

Now, restoring the stickiness:

Circut mats losses stickiness after frequent use. But there is a way to get it back.

How it’s done, you ask? Let me guide you through the process.

To make your Circut mat sticky again, you would first need to remove the sticky layer that comes with the mat. You can merely use alcohol or any stickiness remover to do so. Without removing this layer first, you will not be able to apply a new layer. You may also need a scraper to complete the mission.

Once done, focus on the edges of the mat. Taping them off is the next move because they need to be smooth to get pulled through the rollers. Now, rest of the surface needs to be covered with repositionable adhesive. They are readily available at any craft stores.

The final step is to let the adhesive dry thoroughly. When it is done, just remove the tapes from the edges, and your Circut mat is ready for use again.