New York’s Best Views: Where to see the Manhattan skyline

When you think of  New York City,  the first thing that comes to mind is, without a doubt, the Manhattan skyline with its lights and skyscrapers. There are many other cities in the US whose downtown is teeming with very tall buildings, but anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing the various Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, … knows that there is no comparison. New York is unique, its views are astonishing and all other cities cannot compete in the slightest.

What many look for when in New York are the so-called “viewpoints”, somewhere from which to admire the wonderful skyline offered by Manhattan. Let’s see what are the must-see viewpoints in New York City.

The best views of New York

Both in Manhattan itself and in the other boroughs it is possible to find breathtaking viewpoints. The Manhattan skyline is gorgeous both day, sunset and night. Don’t miss a single one!

Top of the Rock- Rockefeller Center

the Manhattan skyline with its lights

Perhaps one of my favorite views of New York is that of the Top of the Rock. Where you can admire both Central Park and midtown where the Empire State Building and the Crysler Building stand out. And downtown where you can admire the new One. World Trade Center.

The admission price for the Rockefeller Center observatory is $ 38 for adults. But if you intend to visit it at sunset you must consider that a surcharge of $ 10 applies. In any case, admission to Top Of the Rock is often included in New York attraction passes ( click here for more information).

Empire State Building

Another must of a trip to New York is to climb to the top of the most famous skyscraper in the world. The Empire State Building, the same one where King Kong clung, so to speak. As I told you, I prefer the view from the Top of The Rock. But in the same way, the view from the Empire always has a huge charm.

As for the rates, these vary depending on the floor you intend to visit. For the 86th-floor adults pay about $ 42, if you want to get to the top, the price for the terrace on the 102nd floor is $ 75. Also in this case the entrance is often included in the passes.

Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Height Promenade

There is no better way to see downtown than to stroll along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. I recommend that you go all the way and finish the tour at Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you have time, I also highly recommend you to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on foot where you will have the opportunity to observe the Manhattan skyline. From many different points of view but also to take scary photos. I recommend, come back even at night, it’s really worth it!

Gantry Plaza State Park

 the spectacular Manhattan skyline

Another viewpoint is that of Long Island City, in Queens. It is certainly less well known than the others but it also offers a breathtaking view of midtown. At the Gantry Plaza State Park, you will find comfortable benches from which to admire the sunset over the East River. You can also take photos of the famous Long Island and Pepsi Cola writings

Roosevelt Island

Another strategic point is Roosevelt Island, an elongated island located between Manhattan and Queens. The island can be a perfect strategic point from which to admire midtown and uptown.

Liberty Island

Obviously, a trip to the Statue of Liberty cannot be missed and with the boat trip to Liberty Island, you can not only admire one of the symbols of New York but also the spectacular Manhattan skyline. Photos are a must!

9/11 Memorial on Staten Island

An unusual place from which to view the Manhattan skyline but still noteworthy is the Staten Island 9/11 Memorial. Generally, this borough is not included in the typical Big Apple tours but it is still able to give a breathtaking view of the southern part of the island. The monument in memory of the attack of the Twin Towers is located a few steps from the lot where the ferries from Manhattan dock. The ferry is free and offers the opportunity to admire the Statue of Liberty without having to spend anything.

Manhattan tour By helicopter

A truly incredible way to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world is to join a helicopter tour. Don’t expect low prices, a ride of around 25-30 minutes can cost as much as $ 200. On GetYourGuide there are many different options, with different prices, more or less long, and with different starting points.

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