Pet stain and how to remove it

If you are a lover of pets, you probably know how they usually are. Sometimes pet might mess up and end up staining your carpet. When removing the stain or the mess, you must make sure to be extra vigilant or else, you might end up spreading even more mess to the carpet. To remove the stain, you will need things that will help you to remove the stain. The things that you will be needing includes.

Towel or absorbent towel

  • Enzyme digester
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Freshener
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Soda ash

The stains that can appear on your carpet include:

  • Dog stains
  • Odor
  • Blood feces
  • Urine
  • Vomit

We all know that any stain from mammals can be so difficult to get rid of especially if it is a mammalian waste. Normally, organic stains are so easy to remove as compared to inorganic stain. Inorganic stains are a special type of stain because they are a type of stain that can be so difficult to get rid of. If for example, the urine has been around for sometimes, it might be so difficult to clear the odor plus the satin caused by it. To make sure you clean your carpet and get rid of all the stain plus the odor, you can consider using Greenway Carpet Cleaning or follow the right procedure and clean the carpet by yourself.

For any organic stain, using an enzymatic cleaning product can be great especially when it comes to breaking up the acid chains. Clean your carpet stain depending on the stain that your carpet has. Some of the stains that might be caused by your pet include.


Blood stains are very common especially when you have a dog at home. According to Greenway Carpet Cleaning, this is the type of cleaning that needs quick action. When you realize that there is a blood stain on your carpet, make sure that you have started working on cleaning it immediately. Blood is common due to the fact that dogs or pets are playful and sometimes they will get scratched. Before even cleaning the mess, check the pet for injuries. Call the vet to cross-examine the pet further. As for the stain caused by the injury, consider using an enzyme-based product cleaner when cleaning up the mess.

Blood is very sensitive and if you are not careful, you might end up spreading it even further. Therefore, you can consider wiping the excess blood off first before the actual cleaning. If the carpet is not prone to fading, you can mix a mixture of hydrogen peroxide plus some water then spray it on the area that has been affected. After you have sprayed the spot or the area, you can then forge ahead to blot the area. If the stain will still be existing after the procedure, consider repeating the all process all over again. Then you can apply your enzyme product cleaner in the area, let it stay for a while then bot it again. To get rid of the odor, try using an odor remover or a freshener.


The toughest stain to be removed on your carpet is pet urine. Pet urine is very difficult to get rid of because it contains uric acid. Therefore, when you realize that the pet has messed up act very fast and start the cleaning immediately. According to Green Carpet Cleaning, if the urine has dried up, it makes it even hard for the urine to be cleaned up. With urine stain, avoid using any heat because the heat can make the stain to bind even more with the fiber.

It is very simple, use a towel to soak up the urine. Do not wipe it up as it might even lead to it spreading even further. Blot up the urine, make sure that you use gloves as the urine can be harmful to your hands. The urine has uric acid that will need to be neutralized. You can choose to use vinegar or any alcoholic cleaning product. Clean the spot several times with your cleaner until the stain vanishes. After the cleaning, you will obviously need an odor remover.


Vomit is another common stain that might be caused by pets. We all know that vomit is gross. It is not common for the pet to throw up from time to time but sometimes it does happen. If that happens, you must be careful when handling the cleaning part.

When the dog has thrown up, it is good if you remove the vomit as soon as possible. This is because vomit is usually acidic and can cause wear and tear to the fabric. Even if it is your flow, the vomit can as well cause damages. Cleaning of vomit is so easy especially when you consider using baking soda.


Feces are the most dangerous kind of dirt or stain to clean. This is because, feces have germs and if you are not careful, the germs will spread further to other places. First of all, make sure that you have worn gloves and then check your pets’ legs to make sure that the feces cannot spread further. Always try an enzyme-based cleaner when cleaning that has bacteria that eats up the feces.

First of all, use the plastic bag to remove the solid waste you can also choose to scrape it up. Whichever the means, make sure that you do it as soon as possible to avoid the feces soaking even further.

How to remove odor after cleaning

You might remove the stains from your carpet but fail to remove the odor. Below are some of the tips that can help get rid of the odor?

  • Cover the dog or pet stain with baking soda. Allow it to settle for some time then vacuum the spot.
  • Apply a solution that is a mixture of water plus vinegar. The smell of vinegar will automatically take over.
  • You can also consider using a disinfectant.
  • You can consider using a spray on the affected area.
  • Also, consider using a neutralizer.
  • Consider using botanical extracts.