Playing the National Anthem before Sports Events – why did it Backfire in the US?

National Anthem stirs the interest of any person irrespective of the country he or she might belong to. Almost all of us are closely associated with our countries, and apart from the patriotism that gushes through our veins, it is our duty to respect the national symbols as a citizen of that nation. Unlike the other countries, the origin of the national anthem in the United States of America has its own story, and it has become quite a tell-all tale. So here are some of the interesting facts as to why The US carries quite a dramatic story with respect to its national anthem, and also the reason behind why they play the national anthem before sports events.

Playing the National Anthem before Sports Events – why did it Backfire in the US?

National Anthem and sports events in the US:

Before we get to the events that were heating up in the United States of America in the past year, it is important that we take a general look at this issue. The practice of playing the national anthem before the start or at the end of the major national events is prevalent in a lot of countries. However, the practice of playing it before the start of sports events is quite American. This happens especially before the legs hit the ball in the United States. Though this isn’t weird and shows the pure patriotism that Americans have, not all are finding it right. Until recently this was not opposed in the US, and it is quite interesting to note that this has been a practice since the end of WWII. So all is not good in the hood and here are some of the relevant theories that you should know.

Protest against National Anthem in the US:

Looking at the issue through the general prism, it looks quite patriotic to play the national anthem before sports events for the rest of the world. However, the same is not the case when it comes to natives of the country. This has a practice there for more than have a century and people are now finding it difficult to take the fact that they have paid tribute to the flag before they begin watching their favourite sport.

Theory 1: People think it’s way too much:

People think that this is not the ideal way of expressing their patriotism and it looks way too much that what is required. But this has been their tradition, we all wonder. All conventional practices are protested and broken after a point, and that is the reason why this protest is also considered sensible. Since people didn’t raise opinions against the agitators, it is quite obvious that they are favouring them to an extent.

Theory 2: Sports are nothing but war :

Sports are nothing but war with bloodshed, or if I have to be a little aggressive, it is a war without death. If that is the case, it is quite ideal to start the show by paying tribute to your country and hoping that you take the throne. This is what our forefathers thought. Probably that is one of the reasons as to why they thought better of the protest and honoured the practice.

Theory 3: Politicising Sports:

People, by and large, think that sports and politics will go hand in hand if the event kick starts with the national anthem as a continuation to the war theory, earlier we ended the theory with a positive note, and here we are taking a negative turn. There is no need to politicise sports events, and for the same reason, people think that the protestors are right.