Take these simple steps to achieve Fitness goals

An effective training program When it comes to achieving any of our objectives is essential to rely on a good training system in which we can progress each session or each week either in loads, repetitions, shorter breaks, the speed of execution, series, etc. Depending on our objective we must choose best training or another (even several), normally it will always be necessary strength training or strength to lose fat and to gain muscle, as well as to improve in many sports. There are countless strength training sessions, but we will choose the fat decimator review for its simplicity.

Weight training usually consists of: Warm up with aerobic exercise: running, elliptical, stationary bike, progressions, etc. The sequence of dynamic stretches indicated for the training in question. Metabolic conditioning and aerobic exercises are available at the fat decimator review: running, elliptical, static bicycle, etc. (optional). Stretch static and return to calm. Then, depending on our needs, we will also have to do sessions apart from cardiovascular exercise or metabolic training (continuous running, HIIT, circuits). Training sessions for the specific sport (football, rugby, athletics, etc.) Training sessions in the gym aimed at improving in a certain sport. Training sessions of specific tests in which we need to improve our brands (police examinations, firefighting, etc.). Stretching sessions to improve our flexibility and joint mobility (yoga, stretching, pilates, stretching sequences, etc.).

How many hours per week do we have to train? This will depend on the frequency of our routine, which should be 3 days minimum and 6 days maximum (one day of rest at least). Probably if we do not have at least 3 days a week and 45 min/day to train we will obtain mediocre results. You will get to know all this at the fat decimator review.

  1. Having an objective is the key to success

Why is it important to have a specific goal, because it motivates you and encourages you to move forward? If you want to get the motivation opt for the fat decimator review. Personal satisfaction increase as you achieves your goals. Imagine that you want to run 780 km in a year. And now imagine how happy you will be when you reach your goal in December. Not bad, huh? That’s exactly what our new function in the fat decimator review is about: you can now set an annual running goal. The app shows you the kilometres you need to run a week to reach the total number of kilometres per year. You can find this function by going to your personal profile in the fat decimator review.

  1. Set realistic goals

One thing is for sure: the changes do not happen overnight. If you expect to achieve much in a very short time, your motivation will decline and you will easily become frustrated. Many magazines advertise miracle diets that help you lose 12 kilos in 12 days. But being honest, this is not realistic. However, losing 12 kilos in 12 weeks is perfectly feasible. Losing fat and building muscle will take time. One way to stay motivated is to set small or medium goals. This will help you maintain interest in your exercises and give you the feeling of reaching small triumphs. Try to focus on the benefits of training and eating a healthy diet in the long term.

  1. Find your favorite activity

Whether you’re doing sports or resistance training, yoga or football … the important thing is that your fitness activities are fun and you never get bored. When you enjoy a workout, you cling to it. Also, it’s worth trying new things from time to time to test both your body and your mind. A perfect option to combine strength and strength training is training with your own body. It does not require any equipment, takes very little time and is very effective.

  1. Move to the tape

Do not you think your body has changed after three weeks of regular exercise and healthy food? Measure your waist, hips, thighs or biceps with a tape and document your fitness experience by taking photos. That the scale does not give you the result you expect (for example, fewer kilos), does not mean that you are doing it wrong.

Do not worry. Just keep going.

When you start training with your body, it is quite possible that you have stiffness. You may be tempted to give up, but you have to continue! At first, the body is not prepared for these new demands. Take a break and do not expect too much. The good thing is that as you progress everything will be easier and the muscles will hurt less.

Here are some tips to help the muscles:

  • After training, take a hot bath or a contrast shower.
  • Put lotions or creams to activate circulation.
  • Exercise moderately or let the body rest.
  • A visit to the sauna can relax the muscles.

Cherries, beets or coffee contain antioxidants. These act as anti-inflammatories and relieve muscle pain and prevent muscle tension. Finally, after you see the fat decimator review you would like to emphasize that there is no magic formula to help you achieve the body of your dreams. Transforming your body requires willpower and patience. In the end, the proof of your transformation will be visible and you can be proud of yourself. Do not forget: the reward is found all the way.

With this last we do not mean that they are prohibited or are harmful to our health, but in the long term they will surely not be harmless, although in the short term, most of them will We can give a simple example: the bread of refined flour in comparison with the integral bread provides us with fewer micronutrients and fiber and usually has a less satiating effect. Are you trying to reach your ideal body or have you already achieved it? Share your experience with us; we are looking forward to you telling us!