The historical wealth that awaits Holland Village

Holland Village is one of the most recognized places among the areas surrounding Queenstown. Many people associate it with a fancy zone, where there are multiple restaurants and wealthy people live. What a wrong idea. Holland Village is not just about a paradisiacal heritage in everything that has to do with food. The neighborhood is also characterized by being conservative and fans of its own history. Many common places keep a few stories that still touch the hearts of their citizens.

Although many do not believe it, this adds much more points to their residential potential. This beautiful place is acclaimed by visitors, who feel particularly attracted by this culinary utopia in which they enter when they walk through the city. The historical richness of this place has been transmitted from generation to generation and its population proves it. There is a quality and a sense of belonging in it that is worth being rescued. Some facts that deserve to be mentioned are:

  • Historical relics within the restaurants: among the popular food sectors, restaurants tend to have a fairly basic and modern look typical of modern structures and the characteristics that each chain has chosen. But in the midst of all of them there are spaces that await the beauty of the architectural history of the place and even a few of them are specialized in traditional cuisine.
  • Spaces for fun as it used to be done in good times: something very rescued in this neighborhood are the outdoor spaces. Not only parks and tannic gardens are the protagonists of the sector; there are also important spaces, such as the MOE Heritage Center where you can remember the most important games of your childhood.
  • Numerous patrimonial spaces: it is not surprising that, walking a little beyond the center of the place, you come across a few backgrounds whose style is totally historical. It is so much so that many photographers have developed an absolute fanaticism for this place, since the richness of its spaces produce really spectacular images. The best thing is that each of these sites has a curious story behind.
  • A few bungalows to finish: these beautiful buildings completely deserve the route you have to take to visit them. Those spaces built for military purposes years ago have become one of the most important and striking tourist elements of the place today.

Holland Village is sold and offered as something totally new and irreverent. Certainly this is perceptible in its modern buildings with beautiful malls and other commercial spaces. But the most beautiful of the place is that within these airs of modern city with striking MRT station, it preserves the beauty of its history, with places that seem frozen in time. Visitors and residents say that the locality has everything they once expected from the place where they would live.

Van Holland Condo retains this essence so typical of the neighborhood. Its architecture, finesse and above all the good treatment of the people who live there are clearly proof of this. The developers of this residential complex want to give much more to the owners of their apartments than just a place to live. They want harmony, a sense of belonging and that the people who live there really live together to get the most out of the condo.

Modern times

Today, several investors have developed a few projects that have catapulted the neighborhood as one of the most complete in the region. From high-class residential areas such as Van Holland Condo to gigantic malls of modern architecture can be found in a beautiful place that also retains features of nature. Among these projects and already upright structures, those that stand out are:

  • The MRT station:┬áThis undoubtedly represented a milestone within the city. Previously people depended only on traditional public land transport and a few alternates but felt the need to have a completely independent line. A few years ago it became a reality and these people feel very grateful. The system is fast and safe, becoming the favorite choice of the majority.
  • Recreational spaces: From one moment to another the space began to be invaded by very large commercial projects. The shopping centers that have been developed meet the vast majority of the population’s expectations. Shopping or having a good time having fun with friends is quite easy, and especially accessible.
  • Residential spaces: As mentioned above, large real estate projects have been developed for all those interested in acquiring a home in the locality. It is possible to get a place to rent, but the most advisable is to opt for a building of owners such as Van Holland Condo. In these spaces the residents have nice units and other spaces in common where they can find everything they need for their day to day.

In essence, this is Holland Village, a bit of the whole heart of Singapore. Beautiful and other less pleasant but commemorated events of its history keep its memory in this place. The city pretends to be and maintain itself in this perfect contrast between a modern age with the air of a bustling city, and another that combines nature and these spaces that keep pieces of its history and keep it at the heart of all its generations. A perfect place to live, have fun and eat delicious food, yes, that is what Holland Village has for you.