The New Generation Ice Hockey Goalie Pads Are Launched Now

Recently, a new series of ice hockey goalie pads were launched into the market. With increasing concern about the safety and performance, companies are now looking at materials that can safeguard the goalie and at the same time, help increase his performance level. Keeping that in mind, a whole new series of goalie support equipment’s have been launched into the market.

After the deadly incident in 1959, in a match between Montreal Canadians and New York Rangers, there was an extremely increasing concern about the safety of the players. There have been numerous such incidents, where goalkeepers faced fatal accidents due to the unavailability of proper safety equipment’s. The companies tried a variety of materials, but most of the products resulted in increased weight of the equipment’s which in turn affected the playing ability of the goalkeeper. In the game of Ice Hockey, the part of the goalkeeper is really crucial in terms of the types of attacks he has to defend. Ranging from the grounded shots to the fliers across the goalpost, everything has to be perfect to bring the team home. Even minute details about the equipment’s play a huge role in the course of the match. Making that a point, the companies launched the new products which are designed from hydrophobic synthetic leather. It is enclosed by nylon on the outside and compactly closed-cell foams and plastics on the inside. In past time, leather was used to make ice hockey goalie pads and was stuffed with horse hair on the inside for cushioning. The former, helps both cases of increasing the level of game and ensures that proper safety protocols are met. The goalkeeper wears a large range of products starting from catcher, blocker, and chest and arm protector and then moving to Jock strap followed by leg pads. The puck being made of synthesized rubber, usually travels very fast and with the new techniques of game play, it has become very crucial to stay up to the point to win matches.

Upgraded Safety and Comfort Features

The past has seen a series of fatal accidents due to the hitting of the puck during the game play. This has always been a matter of concern and the NHL (National Hockey League) has been improving the safety guidelines with the evolving of the game. This has also pushed the club and national authorities to go further in terms of making the game even safer. This has been a result of the discussion among the higher authorities and the scientists and even the former players which have led to such a huge step in the direction of a safer conduct of the games. The scientists have been working on the material since the last 2 years and this is the best among the other 16 samples they had produced. The improved design of the pads has been appreciated largely by the authority and the players too. The rectangular pad added to the backhand of the blocker now allows better control on the deflection of the block and deflection of the puck. Again, the bent edge creates better angles to deflect the puck. In order to decrease the weight, the company has come up with an appreciable idea and has created holes in the center which do not affect the protection of the goalie’s arms.

The ice hockey goalie pads now come with extra padding to ensure that the utmost level of safety standards at met. The goalkeeper also wears a jockstrap to protect the pelvic area. The plastic cup is now made even larger and proper padding ensure the least damage rendered to such sensitive areas. While playing on the ice surface there is a great risk of the player slipping to fall off the ground or to skid and hit other players which can be really fatal. These kinds of instances have been well observed in the past. So top prevent such events the new material provides an excellent grip even when the goalkeeper slips. The leg pads play a crucial role in both preventing injuries top the goalkeeper and also for saving crucial goals. The perfect placement of the cuts present in the leg and thigh pads have ensured least effect of resistance for the goalkeeper which bending his knees. The part of the ankle is also taken care of by additional padding and cuts at the edges. It has been observed to facilitate the smooth skiing and blocking of the puck. The new design has increased padding at sensitive areas like the booth break, just below the knee roll and near the ankle. The high density foams used are also lighter weight and have a reduced cost and a quick break in period which helps the case of the new designs. These can now be designed in the requisite colors depending on the team. The design team has also worked on the fitting and strapping of the pads to the body. The straps in the new range of Ice Hockey goalie pads now come with internal padding system to lock the pads closer to the skin. This allows greater fit and comfort to the players. The straps have also been made lighter and stronger to add to the advantages of the pads.

Response on the release:

The starting response from the players about the new series of equipment’s has satisfactory. The players at both club and national level have shown a positive outlook, looking at the comfort and light weight of the material. The price is such low than expected has also helped the case. The authority has shown satisfaction in regard to the designs and dimensions of the equipment’s which have followed the proper norms of the game. The pads are now available at all leading outlets at different parts of the country including different commercial websites. The company looks forward to launch even more and better ice hockey goalie pads in the upcoming quarter owing to the rise of sales due to the launch of the new accessories.