Top Tips for Perfect Summer Hair

As barbecue season fast approaches, it’s time to get your hair prepared so you can enjoy radiant and healthy summer hair while protecting it from the potentially harmful effects of UV rays.

Perfect Summer Hair

Summer can be unkind to our hair, but following the tips below will ensure yours stays in the best condition possible.

Be UV-Aware

We all know how bad UV rays can be for our skin, but all too often we forget how detrimental the sun can be for our hair too. The sun can leave hair faded, brittle, and dry. Just as we need to apply sunscreen to our skin, it is important to invest in some sunscreen for our hair too. There are a variety of different products on the market to choose from. It is also a really good idea to wear a hat whenever you can.

Choose a Good-Quality Shampoo

It goes without saying that some shampoos are better than others. Not all shampoos will suit your hair type, so it is important to try a few different brands in order to find the shampoo which is most effective for you. There are a great many choices out there for us to choose from. Invest in a shampoo that is both good-quality and reflects your personality. For example, if you are passionate about caring for the environment, find a shampoo that is both eco-friendly and luxurious. The heat from a hairdryer can leave your hair dry and damaged, so avoid using one wherever possible. Summer is the perfect time to give your hair a break by letting it air-dry.

Summer Styling

Summer is a great time to show off a few ‘wow’ styles. Without the wind and the rain to worry about, you can confidently spend time creating a look, knowing that won’t it automatically become washed out as soon as you step outside. Choose a styling cream to give your hair some lift and definition, and finish off with a shine spray to really stand out in the crowd. However, don’t forget to give your hair a break from the product at least one day a week.

Brush Regularly

It is no myth that brushing your hair keeps it healthy from root to tip as well preventing those annoying tangles. Brushing encourages blood flow to the scalp and hair root. Choose a good-quality brush. Although some can seem quite expensive, using a cheap brush could cause unnecessary breakage of the hair and lasting damage. Split ends should be snipped off every 6-8 weeks for the very best hair health. A good trim will also allow your hair to grow longer without breaking. So choose a good hair salon, who are hairdressers in Gloucester.

Colour Protect

Time in the sun and chlorine from the pool can leave colored hair dull and lifeless. But don’t panic – there is a range of products available that will enable you to swim with color-treated hair without fear of ruining it. Choose a deeply nourishing mask to protect it. Colour is also at risk of fading more quickly if you wash it very frequently, so skip the shampoo whenever you can get away with it.