What to see in America: 10 places to visit absolutely

It is unlikely that there is at least one other country in the world that can be compared to the United States in the number of natural and man-made attractions, the diversity of climatic zones, and recreational opportunities.

In this article, we will talk about a trip to America, what to see, the most famous monuments of the United States. By renting a car in the USA, you can take a tour around the United States and see almost all the attractions.

America 10 places to visit absolutely

Statue of Liberty

A large statue of a proud woman stands on a pedestal, with a lit torch, in the left it has a tablet. It is considered a symbol not only of New York but of all of America. Created in France, the Statue of Liberty has perfectly “settled” on its island near Manhattan. All the tourists are photographed all the time in the background, traditionally standing in a well-known position with an outstretched hand. Do you want to see it up close? We are planning a group trip to New York.


The historic center of New York, the heart and the most famous, expensive, luxurious, and vibrant district of the city. Here you will meet a large number of people, cars, shopping malls, and office complexes. Manhattan is always shown in various Hollywood movies and becomes the scene of thrillers and romantic comedies. You can only rent a car and ride all day, admiring the beauty of the city.

Niagara Falls

You can talk about the beauty and power of this most famous waterfall in the world for a long time, but the show itself cannot be replaced by anything. There are several ways to see Niagara: from a helicopter, from a tunnel under powerful jets of water, and, of course, from the coast. Either way, it’s incredibly beautiful but very loud.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Previously, this suspension bridge in San Francisco was the longest in the world, but it is now a long way from the record holders, as it is quite old. However, the Golden Gate still has a rather dignified and slender feel, being a recognizable calling card of the city.

Grand Canyon

Well, this is precisely the Grand Canyon, a true miracle of nature, from which all travelers are dazzled. You can find it in Arizona. This canyon is the most unusual geological object on the planet. Tourists have the option of standing on a glass platform above the canyon.

The valley of death

One of the wonders of nature, to which there is still no explanation. These stones are called creeping or sliding. Imagine huge boulders slowly moving along the bottom of a dry lake in the famous Death Valley, leaving a groove behind them. Where they crawl and scientists can’t tell. The most profitable way to get there is via USA car rental.

Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone National Park is a UNESCO-listed object, occupying part of the territory of the states of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. The park is famous for its geysers, picturesque landscapes, untouched nature, the wealth of flora and fauna. Here you will see unique caves, crystal clear lakes, breathtaking canyons, and turquoise rivers.

Times Square

It is one of the most popular places in the city and one of its main symbols. Even those who have never been to New York certainly know the Times Square scenario due to numerous movies and news. Times Square is a mix of Broadway theaters, brand name shops, numerous cafes, entertainment, and various institutions.

Walt Disney World

The largest and most famous amusement park in the world, Walt Disney World is located in Florida. It is not even a park, but an entire fairytale city, consisting of four theme amusement parks and two water parks. This place is ideal for adults and children, as there are attractions for everyone. Spend a luxurious vacation in one of the many themed hotels in the park.

White House

In the US capital, it’s hard to find a more famous spot than the White House. This building is famous all over the world. It is located in Washington, in its northwestern region. The president of the country meets in this main building.