What to see in Maryland? Top attractions

If you are looking for an adventurous trip to unknown and little-visited places in North America, the state of Maryland is the one for you. This guide will show you what to see in Maryland and present some passages from the past of these areas.

Maryland Top attractions

What to see in Maryland?

Maryland is located in the northern part of the United States of America. Its capital is the city of Annapolis. The state is part of the East Coast and is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Maryland is a former British colony that boasts the distinction of being the first to rebel to gain independence from the United Kingdom. After fighting for freedom, the state was nicknamed “Old Line State.” April 28, 1788, marks the date of annexation of Maryland to the federation of the United States of America, becoming the seventh annexed territory.


I recommend that you start your journey from the state capital, the city of Annapolis. A place that combines its history with its particular and pleasant lifestyle. Annapolis is famous for founding the first naval academy in the United States of America in 1845. Visit the fascinating naval and harbor panorama.

Annapolis Downtown

The old colonial houses have a maximum of 3 floors, so don’t expect the classic skyline of the American metropolis. Here everything has stuck in the past.

The houses are arranged in a row and built-in Georgian style with red or pastel-colored wooden bricks. The tiny ones with a sloping roof alternate with others with a square shape, in which even each floor has a different color.

Walking through the streets of Annapolis is a bit like taking a dip back in time, between paths lined with green spaces, monuments, and historic buildings.

The Kunta Kinte Alex-Haley Memorial

Right in the vicinity of the pier, the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial commemorates all the Africans who came to America as slaves and were then forgotten. But it is also dedicated to descendants who are still trying today to create a society based on equality.

The main sculptural group comprises Alex Haley sitting with an open book on his lap, facing three children of different ethnicities. He tells the story of his family, considered the symbolic beginning of the travels and arrivals of African Americans. A bronze plaque commemorates the arrival of Kunta Kinte aboard Lord Ligonier in 1767.


Move and head to the city of Baltimore: the largest and most inhabited in Maryland. Here you will find Johns Hopkins University, the most prestigious and famous university in the United States, continuing with the Johns Hopkins Hospital Institute. Baltimore is also the most important port in the United States. In addition to the port, we recommend that you visit the following museums: Walters Art Museum, a museum of visual arts, Baltimore Museum of Art with exhibitions of contemporary, ancient, and modern art, American Visionary Art Museum. A suburb of Baltimore in Columbia, very pleasant to look at, is recognized as the eighth-most liveable place in the United States.


The territory of Maryland alternates between sandy dunes, expanses of prairies, cypress forests, reaching the imminent heights of Backbone Mountain, from which the highest peak rises: the Hoye Crest.

Another urban center to visit is undoubtedly Rockville, the county seat of Montgomery County. You will have the opportunity to witness extraordinary natural scenery, including the Great Falls, on the Potomac River.

Hoping to have accompanied you as a guide through the hidden wonders of this particular state rich in history and traditions, we wish you a pleasant stay and see you in Maryland.

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